Proud to be part of Alyth’s community response to the pandemic

We’re so proud to be part of a community coming together to tackle a crisis with so much energy, commitment and care for one another. All of us at Alyth Development Trust would like to record our praise and thanks to the Alyth Community Support Group ( and their heroic volunteers for the fantastic work they?re doing in and around the town just now.

More than 20 volunteers are busy every day helping dozens of people across the town with shopping for food and supplies, running errands such as collecting prescriptions, distributing books and games for children, putting people in touch with other sources of help, and much, much more.

We at ADT feel privileged to be able to support the Group and the wider community during the lockdown, especially Ryan, Dot and the other group admins, and KT and the volunteers. We?d also like to add our own thanks for the help provided by Veronica and her Coop team with the foodbank, the Alyth Halls Committee and the Church Committee for providing their premises as bases of operations, Highland Boundary for supplies of hand sanitiser, and all the many others too numerous to mention who?ve done so much for Alyth over the past few weeks. You?re all heroes!

Help for lockdown anxieties

We’re proud to be funding h2 Natural Health in providing a free-of-charge support service to residents of Alyth and district. 

?Lockdown? and social distancing means increased loneliness and isolation, creating issues of anxiety, fear, confusion or mild depression. 

A local source of online or telephone support offering simple techniques to improve health and wellbeing at home is more important than ever, and is likely to be easier to access and possibly more responsive than over-burdened public sector providers or even mental health charities. 

h2 Natural Health has been delivering complementary therapy services in Alyth since 2011 – see their website for more details:? and call the number shown for a free, confidential conversation.

Local distiller to combat Covid-19 with free hand sanitiser

The Alyth-based Highland Boundary distillery has responded to the worsening Covid-19 crisis in Scotland by switching production to hand sanitiser rather than the brand?s regular award-winning Scottish spirits.

Highland Boundary is donating its hand sanitisers to key services in the NHS, charities and front-line essential workers, with extra bottles available for the local community to buy at cost price.  

The sales to the local community on a ?buy-one/donate-one? basis will allow the brand to support the free supplies to the health and care sectors. 

Bottles will be available to buy in Alyth on Saturday 4th April from 11am until 2pm at Bank House garden, next to Airlie St Hall. 

Director Dr Marian Bruce said:  ?During this pandemic, we wanted to do our little bit and use our time and resources in the best way possible. We know that there are many people pulling together in their communities right now, and it?s been so wonderful to watch this and be a small part of it. 

?If you know a community NHS health provider or charity that has a critical need for hand-sanitiser then please pass our details on to them and ask them to get in touch.  We?re also looking for district nurses in our area, who are out supporting vulnerable people in their homes, to see if we can support them by providing hand sanitiser, so please get in touch if you know of someone we can help. 

?It?s important to us at Highland Boundary that everyone is healthy, safe and looking after themselves and family. We hope that being able to provide this small service to our community may benefit and help as many of you as possible.?

Highland Boundary was founded in 2018 by husband and wife team Marian Bruce and Simon Montador.  It produces premium spirits and liqueurs flavoured with birch and elderflower gathered sustainably from the local environment.  In its first year of operation, the business won gold and silver medals at international wine and spirits competitions in America and Europe.

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