What shall we do with Jubilee Park?

Over the past few months, we?ve been asking for community views on what might be done to improve the Diamond Jubilee Park.? We?ve had three main suggestions:

  • An all-weather footpath round the edge of the Park suitable for prams, wheelchairs and bikes
  • A proper skateboard/BMX track
  • An upgraded play area 

To turn these ideas into reality, we need your help in developing detailed plans and raising the money.? We have some funds that we can contribute but having broad community support and involvement is vital in persuading Perth & Kinross Council to devote their time and resources to the project, and also to stand a better chance of raising money from other sources.? So we really do need as many people to get involved as possible.? If you?d like to help us improve Jubilee Park, we?d love to hear from you.?

Details of how to get in touch are here:? https://lovealyth.org.uk/contact-us/ or you can message us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlythDevelopmentTrust

Christmas baubles workshop announced

Two more workshops have been added to the Micromastery series that we’re funding, this time on making Christmas baubles from unloved fabrics, kindly donated by Thrifty One. All materials supplied and no previous experience required.

There are so many exciting things to do, see and learn, but sometimes the thought of this and the assumption we need to do YEARS of STUDY can be so overwhelming it?s easy to end up doing nothing. NOT SO ? welcome to the world of MICROMASTERY!

?A micromastery is a self-contained unit of doing, complete in itself but connected to a greater field?. A micromastery is repeatable and has a success payoff ? who doesn?t want that!!

This hands-on workshop will give you a ‘micromastery’ in recycling unwanted fabrics as a useful and fun activity you can do with others. The aim is also to reuse materials where possible, consuming less to create more. Awareness of the natural world and how we can tread lightly on our planet is also key.

So why throw away fabric that could still give pleasure? Come along and learn how to creatively it into Christmas baubles, using hand sewing techniques.

Choose your preferred date and register your place on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AlythDevelopmentTrust/events/

New workshops for ‘micromastery’

Why throw away clothes you?ve loved?? Come along to a new hands-on ?micromastery? workshop and learn how to creatively repair them, using hand sewing techniques.? A micromastery is a self-contained unit of doing, complete in itself but connected to a greater field.? ADT is funding a series of micromastery workshops introducing useful skills to reuse materials where possible, consuming less to create more. Awareness of the natural world and how we can tread lightly on our planet is also key.? No prior experience needed!? Choose one of two dates that suits you best: 20 October – https://bit.ly/2G4YnzC or 24 October – https://bit.ly/3ck3wAa

Primary School events getting better thanks to ADT grant

Alyth Primary School events will be even more enjoyable in future thanks to a grant from Alyth Development Fund.

ADT has awarded ?2,000 from its Community Projects Fund to help Alyth Primary School Parent/School Association buy new sound equipment.  The up-to-date technology will mean clearer announcements and better quality sound at fundraisers, school shows, special assemblies and church services, events show-casing pupils? work.

Class teacher Chelsea Scott said:  “We are very grateful that we were granted funding from the Alyth Community Fund. We were granted ?2000 for use on technology equipment for the school. 

?Our main purchase was a brand new Coomber sound system with microphones. We purchased two hand-held mics, four lapel mics and two headsets to go alongside the Coomber. These will be great at enhancing our school performances such as our yearly Nativity production, and of course the children will benefit from learning to use new technology. 

?The Coomber sound system will also really benefit our community events such as our Christmas and Summer Fayres alongside our school coffee-mornings and duck-race fundraising event. We are really looking forward to being able to use this technology when these events can start to run again. 

?We also purchased headphones and mics to use with the iPads we already had within the school. This will allow us to record stories and information about our learning with ease. 

We are yet to use the equipment to its full potential due to the current pandemic however, we are all really looking forward to being able to use it all soon. ?

ADT?s Community Projects Fund is open again for applications for grant money until the end of October; find out more and apply for your grant here. The Fund distributes community benefits payments we receive from Temporis Ltd, operators of the Tullymurdoch Windfarm north of Alyth.

August board minutes now available

The minutes of our Directors’ Meeting on 3 August are now available here: https://lovealyth.org.uk/about-alyth-development-trust/company-information/. The minutes of our September meeting will be posted shortly, and our next Board meeting is scheduled for 5 October. Look out for confirmation of date time and also how to join in via Zoom coming soon.

New Resilience Plan for Alyth

We?ve been working with Alyth Community Support Group on a new Resilience Plan for the town, and you can read it here. ? We?ve been inspired and motivated by the level of voluntarism in our town during the Covid crisis, and the new Plan is a framework for maximising the positive effects of that so as to make the community stronger and better equipped to cope with challenges in the future.? Greater resilience brings greater community benefits such as learning new skills, gaining a sense of self-worth through volunteering, and feeling gratitude and trust in other people in your community.? We will build the Alyth Resilience Plan to maximise these benefits as well as optimise our ability to react to adversity.? Continually raising awareness and encouraging people to see the value of ?joining in? are an important part of building the foundations for a resilience plan, and will be an ongoing part of our work.? We will consult with groups, individuals and businesses across the entire town to see what needs our residents want resilience planning to meet.? Have a look through the Plan (it?s not very long!), see what you think and, hopefully, get involved!


Community Projects Fund open again for new bids

Do you have a big idea that could help improve life in Alyth?  We?ve re-opened our Community Projects Fund (CPF) for applications for funding up to ?2,000 and the deadline is 31 October.  Find out more and connect to the application form here.  Under our agreement with Temporis Ltd, who operate the windfarm just northeast of Alyth, we distribute the community benefit funds they are donating to Alyth, and a big chunk of that is allocated direct to individuals and organisations in our community through the ACPF.  Applications are assessed and awarded by an independent Community Panel charged in accordance with the ADT aims and objectives.  If you have big idea but need funding to turn it into a reality, don?t delay and get your application in today!