Great new contract opportunity to help create Alyth’s future

Community Connector (short-term employment opportunity)

On behalf of our community, we are seeking a local person to assist in the development of a new Community Action Plan (CAP). The CAP helps identify the main priorities for the area and how the community can help influence and achieve positive changes at a local level.

The main duties will include:

– Carry out and write up interviews with local people and groups

– Support community consultation through community views surveys

– Help analyse results of the community views surveys and interviews

– Help gather facts and figures about the community

– Prepare a report outlining the key findings

– Support the delivery of a community event or similar to provide feedback and help identify key community priorities

The hours are not fixed to provide maximum flexibility for the collection of community views. The work will take place over 3-4 months. Rate is £100 per day (up to a maximum of 30 days) as a freelance worker. Training for the post will be provided.

You will be motivated and enthusiastic; at ease talking and listening to people; able to take detailed accurate notes; have good report writing skills; and use of IT including online meetings. Experience of research would be helpful.

Application deadline: 15 February 2021. To apply – Please email your resume to For further information contact: Russell on 07925 648819

What could climate change mean for Alyth?

As we near the end of another year when flooding and the fear of flooding once again troubled Alyth, there’s are salutary warnings from experts about what climate change could mean for the town.

The Met Office and the BBC have published a website where anyone can look up how average temperatures and rainfall are likely to change due to global warming:

If you enter your Alyth postcode, you’ll see what the latest scientific modelling says about what the average temperatures and rainfall could be here in summer and in winter, depending on how much the average global temperature rises.

The prediction that really jumps out is not the average increase over a season, but how much rain could fall in one day.  On the wettest summer day of the last 30 years in Alyth, there was 53mm of rain recorded.  The climate models predict that if global temperatures rise by just 2 degrees C, the wettest day could see about 60mm – an increase of 13%.  If temperatures rise by 4 degrees C, then about 70mm could fall in just one day – a 31% increase.

What we don’t know yet is what this might mean for the level of the Burn as it flows through the town.  An increase of 7mm might not sound like much, but remember that’s across every square metre of the catchment area – what happens when it’s all funnelled into the Burn flowing down through the Den and into the town?  And what if the increase is not 7mm, but 17mm?

There is research under way just now correlating local rainfall records with data from the RiverTrack monitors which might point to actions needed now to prepare Alyth for the increased risks.  What’s becoming clear is that as a community we need to start thinking very carefully about what climate change could mean for us.

December board meeting coming up

Our December board meeting is scheduled for next Monday, 7 December, via Zoom starting at 7pm. If you’d like to sit in and find out what we’re up to, and maybe even get involved, contact us for the Zoom login details. Hope to see you then! The minutes of our November meeting are available to view here:…/company-information/.

Community Projects Fund deadline extended

We know that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted things badly, so we’re extending the deadline for applications to our Community Projects Fund for another week to give you more time to get your bid in. There’s more information here about the Fund and about previous recipients (some of whom are in the montage above), and you can go direct to the online application form here.

Active summer for AYP thanks to our grant

Alyth’s young people have been getting out and about and enjoying a more active and productive late summer and autumn thanks to a ?2,000 grant from our Community Projects Fund. AYP have used the money to purchase summer activity packs to encourage outdoor exercise, plus new computers to help the young people with homework assignments and, for the older ones, create CVs, write letters and apply for jobs. There are still a couple of days left to apply for a CPF grant for your group or project, but hurry – the deadline is midnight on Saturday (31 Oct)!