Community Projects Fund helps Ladies Wellbeing Group carry on their great work

Pauline Sanyang (left) and Dot McKenzie of the Alyth Ladies Wellbeing Group

Alyth Ladies Wellbeing Group are set to continue their great work supporting the mental health of women in Alyth and the surrounding area thanks to a grant from ADT’s Community Projects Fund.  

The grant of £2000 will go towards running expenses – hire of premises and cost of materials, equipment and tuition for activities such as arts and crafts, fitness, yoga and educational materials for discussions on mental health and wellbeing.  The Group has survived on very little funding since it was founded online 15 months ago during the height of the covid lockdowns, but its future beyond this summer looked very uncertain without some additional resource.  The demand for such a group was well-known already and confirmed in a survey by Alyth Community Support Group last year.  Since the Ladies Wellbeing Group started face-to-face meetings last autumn, the number of regular attendees has grown steadily with new members enquiring all the time.

The Group is run by two volunteers, Pauline Sanyang and Dot McKenzie, both of whom are mental health first aiders.  Pauline, who is also a qualified Counsellor, commented:  “Our aim is to support the mental health and wellbeing of the ladies of Alyth and give them a safe, supportive environment where they can come to speak to others about their experiences or just to have a coffee and a chat.  The stigma of mental ill-health is a big barrier to people seeking help and COVID has really impacted the lives and health of everyone.  Our hope is that this group can go some way to giving confidence back to women in and around Alyth, help them make connections with other people and try to get back some sort of normality to their lives.”

The ADT Community Projects Fund distributes monies donated to the town by Temporis Ltd, operators of the Tullymurdoch Wind Farm just north of Alyth.  Find out more here:

New funding stream for Alyth – make your voice heard

Alyth could soon be profiting from the nearby Welton of Creuchies Windfarm, via the 15% stake held by the Airlie Street Hall Development Trust (ASHDT).  

ASDHT – established in 2017 as a community benefit fund under the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy – is holding a public consultation to help decide how best to use the new income from the windfarm.  Based on what the community of Alyth says during the consultation, ASHDT will manage and invest the income from its stake in the windfarm to help the community realise its ambitions.

ASHDT has asked Scene, an Edinburgh-based community energy consultancy, to carry out the consultation, and two events have been organised in April so that local people can make their voices heard and raise issues and priorities that the investment plan could tackle.

Both events are scheduled for 22 April, starting with a drop-in session from 2pm to 6pm, followed by a community investment planning workshop from 7pm till 8pm.  Both events will be in the Airlie Street Hall.  There will also be an online community feedback meeting later on a date to be confirmed.

As well as the events, ASHDT and Scene have also set up an online survey here: where you can contribute your ideas and sign up to be kept informed.

If you’d like to know more about how community benefit funds work and what the good practice principles are, the Scottish Government has published a webpage with much more detail:

New funding to strengthen flood response

The 2015 floods

ADT has secured almost £10,000 from the National Lottery’s “Together for Our Planet” Fund to help Alyth defend against future floods.

The money will be used to help set up a permanent Flood Resilience Team organised on a voluntary ‘retained’ basis, similar to the retained emergency teams operated by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in many small towns and villages including Alyth.  

We already have a volunteer flood response team with a coordinator in place, working through the Alyth Community Support Group, which has proved its worth several times over the years.  The team will continue to work as volunteers as in the past, and the new funding will pay for drills and mandatory training in partnership with the Scottish Flood Forum.  This will gave Alyth a strengthened and properly constituted independent flood team that recruits locally.

As anyone living in Alyth knows only too well, flooding is a very serious issue – the town has endured three major floods, each supposedly a “once-in-100-years” event, in the last four years alone, with some catastrophic results.

A lot of work has already been done on tackling flooding, by ADT and ACSG alongside the Scottish Flood Forum, Perth & Kinross Council, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and other organisations.  The new funding will allow much more to be done, much more quickly.  This is very much a pilot project for all of Scotland, and ADT/ACSG plan to bring together all interested parties this month to discuss and develop a detailed strategy.

#NationalLottery  #OneStepGreener

Community Action Plan gets back on track

The Community Action Plan launch event that had to be cancelled in December due to covid restrictions is now firmly back on the schedule for Saturday 26 March. Join the team for tea and cakes between 2pm and 4pm in the Airlie Street Hall to find out more about what the Plan proposes, and especially to see how you could get involved and turn it into reality! There’s lots of detail and ideas to explore on the new dedicated CAP website at

Save the date in your diaries now, and we look forward to seeing you on 26 March!

Community Project Fund reopens for new applications

Our Community Projects Fund is open for applications again! Visit…/alyth-community-projects-fund/ for more information and the online application form (you can also download and print out a paper form if you prefer). The CPF distributes community benefit funds from Temporis Ltd, who operate the Tullymurdoch Windfarm northwest of Alyth. We allocate some of the money for strategic investments in the town, and some to community projects proposed by groups in the town. Up to £2000 per project is available, and you can now apply throughout the year. An independent panel will judge applications in April, July, October and January each year, so have a look at the CPF page and get your application in soon! There’s also info on previous projects that the CPF has funded.

Work starts on new Jubilee Park multi-user path

Martin Devaney (left) and Steven Boath marking the start of work on the Jubilee Park path

Contractors have moved onto the Jubilee Park this week to start building the new multi-user path around the perimeter. Steven Boath and Martin Devaney of the Jubilee Park Working Group were on hand to get the works under way, anticipating a smooth construction process over the next four weeks, weather permitting.

The Group have commissioned local company SHH Construction to build the 665-metre-long all-weather path suitable for use by walkers, runners, wheelchair-users, cyclists and people with buggies and prams. At present, there are no paths in the Park, making it difficult for many people to enjoy the open space. During the works, the park will remain open to the public with only those areas cordoned off that are being worked on as the path progresses.

The start of work marks the culmination of a year of consultation, discussion and planning for the Group. Almost 200 people responded to a consultation during the Spring and Summer last year, which produced a resounding ‘Yes’ for a new path and possibly other improvements in the future. The Working Group see the path as the first major project to launch under the umbrella of the Alyth Community Action Plan, a five-year initiative bringing together community groups, businesses and the people of Alyth to work together on making the town a better place to live and work. The Jubilee Park path will link together a number of existing walking routes in and around the town, encouraging and enabling more people to enjoy outdoors exercise.

The Working Group have secured funding for the £60,000 project from SSEN Transmission, the Drumderg Windfarm Community Fund, Glenisla Developments Ltd, and Alyth Development Trust.

ADT helps Alyth football club instal vital defibrillator

Left-right: Grant Train (Alyth Community Council), Jenni Milne and Karen Hodge (AAFC), Lynn Murray (Scotmid), David Whipps (ADT).

Alyth Amateurs Football Club have installed a defibrillator at their Jubilee Park home, with help from ADT’s Community Projects Fund (CPF).

The Club had raised more than half of a planned £3,000 needed to buy, install and maintain the life-saving machine, and the independent panel that adjudicates applications to the CPF was happy to award £1,500 to make up the difference.  The Club has also received funding for the project from Alyth Community Council, Scotmid, Thrifty One and many individuals within the community.

The defibrillator, similar to one installed in the Market Square by ADT in 2018, is available for use by football teams and anyone else using the Park who needs it.  A defibrillator was used recently to save the life of a young rugby player within another local sports club, amply demonstrating the value of this kit.

As well as helping pay for the machine itself, plus installation, running costs, spare batteries, pads, masks and gloves, the money also enabled the Club to buy new first-aid bags to have on the sideline for use when needed.

With work starting soon on the community project to build a new path around the Jubilee Park, there will likely be more and more people visiting and enjoying the facilities, making the defibrillator even more valuable to have on hand should it be required.

Jenni Milne of Alyth AFC said:  “As a club we would like to thank everyone so much for their generosity in helping Alyth AFC raise money to place a life-saving defibrillator in the Diamond Jubilee Park for our community.  The defibrillator is now in place and registered. This is a life-saving piece of equipment and accessible to everyone.

She added: “Thank-you to the Community of Alyth and beyond, supporters and friends of Alyth AFC, Alyth Development Trust, Scotmid, Alyth Community Council, Thrifty One and everyone else who made this possible.  A special thank-you to John Wheatley and Matthew Mollison for fitting the cabinet and A&E Training in Comrie for supplying the defibrillator.  We are very proud to be a part of Alyth’s wonderful community.”