Christmas baubles workshop announced

Two more workshops have been added to the Micromastery series that we’re funding, this time on making Christmas baubles from unloved fabrics, kindly donated by Thrifty One. All materials supplied and no previous experience required.

There are so many exciting things to do, see and learn, but sometimes the thought of this and the assumption we need to do YEARS of STUDY can be so overwhelming it?s easy to end up doing nothing. NOT SO ? welcome to the world of MICROMASTERY!

?A micromastery is a self-contained unit of doing, complete in itself but connected to a greater field?. A micromastery is repeatable and has a success payoff ? who doesn?t want that!!

This hands-on workshop will give you a ‘micromastery’ in recycling unwanted fabrics as a useful and fun activity you can do with others. The aim is also to reuse materials where possible, consuming less to create more. Awareness of the natural world and how we can tread lightly on our planet is also key.

So why throw away fabric that could still give pleasure? Come along and learn how to creatively it into Christmas baubles, using hand sewing techniques.

Choose your preferred date and register your place on our Facebook page:

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