Encouraging new allotments – Scottish Government consultation

The Scottish Government is running a consultation on new laws to encourage and support the development of allotments around Scotland. Did you know that there have been community allotments in Scotland for more than 150 years, with around 70,000 individual plots by 1950? In recent years, however, more and more plots have been lost to housing and other developments, so the Government wants to encourage local authorities to support allotments more effectively. The Scottish Community Alliance is encouraging groups and individuals to get involved and make their views known: http://www.scottishcommunityalliance.org.uk/articles/2790/ You can read the Scottish Government consultation documents here: ?Allotments ? Further Guidance for Local Authorities

3 thoughts on “Encouraging new allotments – Scottish Government consultation”

  1. Yes we should have more allotments, there’s no better way to teach children how to grow and use healthy food. At a time when even working people have to use foodbanks it’s a no brainer. I only have room for a small greenhouse and would love to have an allotment

  2. As an alternative to allotments, what about a community garden where everybody mucks in together and get a share of the produce. There is a good example that in Dunkeld – I’m sure I could arrange a visit – since I deliver seed potatoes every Spring.


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