ADT grant helps launch new games club for Alyth

L-r: Game Square founders Jamie Stewart, Laura Rodger and Grant Train

Alyth has a new club for teenagers and adults interested in gaming, thanks to a grant from our Community Projects Fund.

Game Square, which launched with a covid-compliant outdoor scavenger hunt in mid-May, will create spaces for adults and young people (aged 13+) to meet and connect in four main types of gaming:  video-games, tabletop role-playing games, board games and card games.

The £2,000 grant from ADT will pay for games consoles and equipment, venue-hire and administrative costs for the first year.  The group aims to get fully up and running once Scotland emerges from lockdown, and plans to run regular club events in a safe and fun environment catering to the varied needs and preferences of its members.

Game Square organiser Laura Rodger explained:  “We will provide a space to connect those in the community through a shared interest of gaming.  Online gaming has become more popular throughout the various lockdowns as a way for people to stay connected and in touch with friends.  Coming out of lockdown, we aim to provide a space for people to game and socialise in person, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.  We’ll be open to all who have an interest in gaming, from complete beginners to seasoned players, creating a welcoming environment for all who have an interest gaming, regardless of skill level.

Fellow founder Grant Train added: “We would also be looking to collaborate with local groups such as the Alyth Youth Partnership.  It is also important to highlight that by having this club, we will be providing a safe alternative space for young people. Additionally, there are not currently many clubs in Alyth which cater to the 18+ demographic. So our club will provide a secure environment for inter-generational socialisation, improving relations within the community.

Jamie Stewart, the third founder member, said:  “There’s nothing else like this anywhere nearby, so we hope to attract anyone who would like to give gaming a go, or who doesn’t currently have a club to attend, not just from Alyth but from surrounding communities like Blairgowrie, Rattray, Meigle and so on as well, hopefully creating extra business for our town and strengthening inter-community connections.”

Game Square will be run as a non-profit club, with any surplus being invested back in the group, eventually becoming self-sustaining within two-to-three years.  Once established, Game Square hopes to run an additional club for 8 to 12 year olds, as well as community events such as family game-days, taster sessions and game tournaments.  Find out more on the group’s Facebook page:\

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