ADT helps Alyth football club instal vital defibrillator

Left-right: Grant Train (Alyth Community Council), Jenni Milne and Karen Hodge (AAFC), Lynn Murray (Scotmid), David Whipps (ADT).

Alyth Amateurs Football Club have installed a defibrillator at their Jubilee Park home, with help from ADT’s Community Projects Fund (CPF).

The Club had raised more than half of a planned £3,000 needed to buy, install and maintain the life-saving machine, and the independent panel that adjudicates applications to the CPF was happy to award £1,500 to make up the difference.  The Club has also received funding for the project from Alyth Community Council, Scotmid, Thrifty One and many individuals within the community.

The defibrillator, similar to one installed in the Market Square by ADT in 2018, is available for use by football teams and anyone else using the Park who needs it.  A defibrillator was used recently to save the life of a young rugby player within another local sports club, amply demonstrating the value of this kit.

As well as helping pay for the machine itself, plus installation, running costs, spare batteries, pads, masks and gloves, the money also enabled the Club to buy new first-aid bags to have on the sideline for use when needed.

With work starting soon on the community project to build a new path around the Jubilee Park, there will likely be more and more people visiting and enjoying the facilities, making the defibrillator even more valuable to have on hand should it be required.

Jenni Milne of Alyth AFC said:  “As a club we would like to thank everyone so much for their generosity in helping Alyth AFC raise money to place a life-saving defibrillator in the Diamond Jubilee Park for our community.  The defibrillator is now in place and registered. This is a life-saving piece of equipment and accessible to everyone.

She added: “Thank-you to the Community of Alyth and beyond, supporters and friends of Alyth AFC, Alyth Development Trust, Scotmid, Alyth Community Council, Thrifty One and everyone else who made this possible.  A special thank-you to John Wheatley and Matthew Mollison for fitting the cabinet and A&E Training in Comrie for supplying the defibrillator.  We are very proud to be a part of Alyth’s wonderful community.”

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