Alyth skateboarders to get their own park

Skateboarders in Alyth can look forward to an exciting 2023 now that a working group set up by Alyth Development Trust has identified a suitable site for a brand-new skatepark in the town.

The working group has selected the unused site on the banks of the Alyth Burn behind the recycling point on Mill Street and is submitting a planning application to Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) this month.    

At the same time, the working group intends to start consultations with the community of Alyth on the detailed plans, aiming to order equipment and begin preparing the site for installation in the first part of 2023.

Total funding for this first phase is £40k for site preparation and purchase of equipment and installations.  Two thirds of the money is coming from the Scottish Government’s Community Led Local Development Fund and the remainder from Alyth Development Trust’s funding from Temporis Ltd, the operators of the Tullymurdoch Windfarm.

The Mill Street site has been lying derelict and unused for many years, but is thought to be ideal for the proposed skatepark, with plenty of room for a variety of equipment, good access and close to the centre of town.  Currently PKC-owned, the site is to be transferred to community ownership as part of the project.

Photo shows (l-r) Working Group members Grant Train (chair of Alyth Community Council), Laura Rodger (director of ADT) and Angus Gray, on the site of the proposed skatepark.

ADT director and leader of the working group Laura Rodger said:  “Alyth’s young people have wanted a skatepark for a long time, and our Community Action Plan last year reflected this by including it as a priority project.  We believe this site is ideal for a skatepark and we’re excited about securing planning approval and then working with the community, especially Alyth’s young people, on turning the dream into reality next year.”

Angus Gray, an experienced skater on the working group, commented:  “I joined the working group to help bring a skate park to Alyth as it adds something missing and helps encourage people, young and old, to try something new.  It also adds to Alyth’s wheeled sports facilities.  We have the downhill track for ‘off-road’, so why not have a place for more urban sports?”

George Annan of Alyth Youth Partnership said:  “It’s something young people have been asking for for a long time. I am personally delighted that the working group have taken it forward to make it happen.”

4 thoughts on “Alyth skateboarders to get their own park”

  1. Have you considered the amount of noise this is going to create for the elderly residents of Butnside Court?
    A good half of the houses are not that far away, I don’t believe this is the right location.
    It is a good idea for the community, just not the right location.
    It would of been good to have a meeting in the town on this subject, so we could raise our concerns.

    • December’s announcement of plans for a skatepark on Mill Street received an overwhelmingly positive response, with (so far) more than 170 positive reactions on Facebook across our page and the @AlythVoice and ACSG ( pages, as well as featuring on the front page of the Blairie. The Skatepark Working Group are now planning a public meeting in mid-January to discuss the project and the work done to date.

      To update the above post, six different sites were looked at for the proposed location of the skatepark and all of these will be discussed at the meeting; further information will be issued before the meeting. The Mill Street site has been earmarked as most suitable, but no final decision has been made and approval is still needed from all relevant interested parties. The Working Group is currently awaiting a topographical survey and then a working concept drawing that would support a pre-planning application before the location can be deemed appropriate.

      We are aiming to confirm the date/time/venue for the meeting in the next week or two and will circulate details on our website and social media channels as well as writing to all properties within 20 metres of the proposed site boundary.


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