Could you be part of the new Retained Flood Team?

There’s still time to apply to join the new retained flood team for Alyth (AFT), whose members will serve as trained volunteers in an actual flood working with advice and support from Scottish Flood Forum and funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

The AFT will be trained to operate independently when required during a flood, similar to Alyth’s Fire Team during a fire. They will collaborate with ACSG, ADT and others on day-to-day issues at other times. All of this will be repeatedly publicised throughout the town so that everyone knows what happens when the water rises. Click on the image below left or download the full details here.

As well as team members, we’re also recruiting for a dedicated Communications Officer, responsible for creating clear messaging for emergency and non-emergency communication with the general public, as well as maintaining up to the minute communication with the flood team and other organisations and groups while a flood is in progress. Click on the image below right or download the full details here.

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