Grant for historic Town Hall

Alyth’s historic Town Hall is getting a new look for its rear hallway and toilet thanks to a ?2,000 grant from our Community Projects Fund. 

The Main Hall and Foyer were refurbished and renovated in 2018 and the plan is for the new works to bring the rear hallway up to the same standard.

Isabel McCurdy, Chair of?Alyth Halls Association?(pictured), explained: “Our aim is to provide a quality event space for all Hall users and the people of Alyth, and the new works will?complement what we’ve already achieved. As well as repainting and revarnishing, we’ll also lower the ceiling and replace the toilet fittings.”

The ADT Community Projects Fund distributes community benefits payments we receive from Temporis Ltd, operators of the Tullymurdoch Windfarm north of Alyth.

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