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17 thoughts on “Join us and help make Alyth even better!”

      • Would like to point out that In Alyth – although a small community – is a welcoming community and that is shown through Game Square where they welcome anyone in with open arms.

        It is such a good project and it gets me into Alyth now an then and would love to see it prosper at it’s full potential. It may not be to everyone’s taste but at least there is that escape from reality and to some it is nice to have structure and have a weekly gathering.

        Can’t thank Grant and the rest of the team enough for not only setting up Game Square but for helping so much with the community full stop.

  1. Just wanted to leave a wee note saying how amazing the guys at Game Square are. Grant, Laura and the others have created and nurtured a truly wonderful gaming community the past year or so. It brings together groups of all ages and it is a lovely safe space for everyone to play games and escape for a few hours! Love it! Cannot wait to see it grow!

  2. Also, a wee shout out for the Flood Resilience team too, I’ve seen lots of negativity in the local FB groups and having been personally affected by the floods I think having a dedicated and trained group of people being able to effectively help, advise and direct volunteers with future events is only a good thing. It would be great if the ADT could share some positives for this to counter the negatives and perhaps explain a bit more to folk in the town

  3. A friend directed me here after I was saying how much we loved Game Square at the local market a few weeks ago. We were visiting friends and it was amazing to see the town come together and host a market. The Game Square team were brilliant and we had loads of fun playing games and enjoying the entertainment

  4. The GameSquare in Alyth has been a fantastic edition to the towns opportunities. Both for the youth and all ages. Being able to get out and socialise with others who share likeminded interests has really helped to socially include Alyth citizens from all walks of life.
    The club continues to be a source of support to those more introverted, helping to develop social skills.
    I really believe GameSquare has had an enormously positive impact and will endeavour to continue that .

  5. More exposure for the Flood Resilience Team would be great. There are so many confused and ignorant people in the town who simply do not get the point of having trained individuals to help in the event of another flood. It would be good to share/support and explain how it all works if possible.

  6. I can not recommend Alyth Game Square enough! Grant is exceptionally welcoming and has incredible board game knowledge, he manages to explain complex board games in such an easy way that makes the night so much more enjoyable. This is such a valuable part of the Alyth community with dedicated people behind the scenes!

  7. The Alyth Flood Defence team’s value to the community can not be overstated. When the council gets locked up in its bureaucracy, the Flood Defence team take it into their own hands to efficiently and safely help the entire town. As someone who lives directly on the river, I know first hand how responsive you have to be to combat a flood. I want to give a special mention to Grant who really is the driving force behind such amazing initiatives as this!

  8. Massive Thankyou to all that ACSG did during difficult times and they kept going strong.
    Alyth town hall for all the resilience centre help during floods.
    All the guys who just mucked in during the floods too.

    I’d like to see a community cafe set up, weekly. Foc for alyth and surroundings. Using foods from food for thought to save wastage.
    And more markets too.

    • We would have struggled without our close community.
      I recently discovered that ‘Food for Thought” doesn’t have as much funding as I believed.
      Where to go for more support?
      Great to see the success of the Farmers Market. Look forward to seeing more.

  9. Shout out to George and all those involved in running Alyth Youth Partnership. So much work goes on behind the scenes to make all the activities they run possible!

  10. I’ve only li Ed here for the shortest blink but from day one have found nothing but friendliness, helpfulness and creativity. Alyth Community your are all fabulous.

  11. Hi all, great to see such high community spirits in Alyth and certainly every time I visit this cute and vibrant town I’m full of admiration how it grows, changes, develops in many positive ways. I’m especially taken by the amazing green space in and around Alyth and I’m planning to run Forest Bathing sessions at the Den of Alyth in August. If anyone is interested, please give me a shout and I’ll send you the details. I’d love to cooperate with the ADT.

    • Hi Dorota, Feel free to post details of your Forest Bathing here if you wish or on our Facebook page. Have you liaised with PKC Community Greenspace, who manage the Den, about your plans?
      Cheers, ADT


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