More on the new Market Square defibrillator

Update on the new defibrillator in the Market Square: we’re planning a community seminar and training session in March in association with the Community Heartbeat Trust on what to do in an emergency – watch this space for more details. In the meantime, the box is programmed to talk you through what needs to be done, and here’s a handy cribsheet on steps to take in an emergency. The important thing to do first is to phone 999 and the ambulance service will talk you through getting access to the box. If you don’t have a phone on you, the shops, cafe, hotel and even private houses nearby will help in an emergency.

Some have asked why we need a security access code. ?We decided on a locked box to avoid vandalism as itis in such a public place and to ensure that the defib was available when needed. ?Some boxes elsewhere are unlocked, but they are inside halls or other community facilities. In any emergency the first thing to do before you try to use any defib is to PHONE AN AMBULANCE (or get someone else to do this).

So if you don?t have phone you borrow one or go into a shop or the hotel or caf? ? this is an emergency!
There are not many times in the town when a phone will not be available from someone to use. The ambulance service will give you the code help you with what to do if you are not first-aid trained.

We’re planning a community seminar about this in March in association with the?Community Heartbeat Trust ?to inform folk about cardiac arrest and what to do in such an emergency. However, even if you are not trained the box will guide you through what to do ? it literally speaks to you and tells you how to use it.

You can also download the poster as a pdf if you prefer:?DrsABCPoster

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