New funding to strengthen flood response

The 2015 floods

ADT has secured almost £10,000 from the National Lottery’s “Together for Our Planet” Fund to help Alyth defend against future floods.

The money will be used to help set up a permanent Flood Resilience Team organised on a voluntary ‘retained’ basis, similar to the retained emergency teams operated by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in many small towns and villages including Alyth.  

We already have a volunteer flood response team with a coordinator in place, working through the Alyth Community Support Group, which has proved its worth several times over the years.  The team will continue to work as volunteers as in the past, and the new funding will pay for drills and mandatory training in partnership with the Scottish Flood Forum.  This will gave Alyth a strengthened and properly constituted independent flood team that recruits locally.

As anyone living in Alyth knows only too well, flooding is a very serious issue – the town has endured three major floods, each supposedly a “once-in-100-years” event, in the last four years alone, with some catastrophic results.

A lot of work has already been done on tackling flooding, by ADT and ACSG alongside the Scottish Flood Forum, Perth & Kinross Council, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and other organisations.  The new funding will allow much more to be done, much more quickly.  This is very much a pilot project for all of Scotland, and ADT/ACSG plan to bring together all interested parties this month to discuss and develop a detailed strategy.

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