New grant to provide more help for Alyth’s cyclists

Cyclists in Alyth will be be able to get expert help more frequently this year thanks to a grant from ADT’s Community Projects Fund.

Over the last couple of years, Dr Bike has been a fixture at the Summer and Winter Markets and one or two other community events, doing minor repairs for any cyclist who brings their machine along.  Callum Brooks and Neil Tuer from Alyth Cyclery on Commercial Street provide their expertise for free, along with minor replacement parts such as brake-blocks, if needed, to make sure Alyth’s cyclists are on road-worthy machines.

Callum (left) and Neil (right) pictured at Dr Bike’s base in Old Barony Church, Commercial Street.

The new grant will cover the costs of more frequent events during 2024, including not just the Summer Market in July but pop-ups around the town and perhaps even special sessions at the Primary School and elsewhere.  Dr Bike would be able to handle up to around 10 bikes per session.

Callum explained:  “We’ve run a few Dr Bike sessions in the past and we’ve always struggled with the format as its hard to predict how much work and new parts might be needed on each bike.

“This grant will enable us to run an in-store (and out of store during events) Dr Bike once a month for at least the Spring and Summer, with each session being widely promoted around the town.

“This is a locally-targetted effort to improve the value of each Dr Bike session, encouraging sustainable travel and benefitting the local community.  It’s very much aimed at the daily bicycle user who uses their bike instead of a car, which supports the improvement of the quality of life within the community and helps move transport within the town in a more sustainable direction,” he added.

ADT’s Community Projects Fund distributes the community benefit funds provided for Alyth by the operators of the Tullymurdoch Windfarm, some five miles north of the town.  Applications to the fund are judged by an independent panel of volunteers drawn from across the community.  Apply at

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