New Resilience Plan for Alyth

We?ve been working with Alyth Community Support Group on a new Resilience Plan for the town, and you can read it here. ? We?ve been inspired and motivated by the level of voluntarism in our town during the Covid crisis, and the new Plan is a framework for maximising the positive effects of that so as to make the community stronger and better equipped to cope with challenges in the future.? Greater resilience brings greater community benefits such as learning new skills, gaining a sense of self-worth through volunteering, and feeling gratitude and trust in other people in your community.? We will build the Alyth Resilience Plan to maximise these benefits as well as optimise our ability to react to adversity.? Continually raising awareness and encouraging people to see the value of ?joining in? are an important part of building the foundations for a resilience plan, and will be an ongoing part of our work.? We will consult with groups, individuals and businesses across the entire town to see what needs our residents want resilience planning to meet.? Have a look through the Plan (it?s not very long!), see what you think and, hopefully, get involved!

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