Out-of-School club grant helps tackle cost-of-living crisis

The Alyth Out of School Care Group is doing its bit to help local parents through the cost-of-living crisis, thanks to a grant from our Community Projects Fund.

The grant will help the Group to cover running costs avoid having to increase its fees for the time being, so it can continue offering a breakfast club and after-school club with healthy snacks and many activities, supported by qualified and enthusiastic local staff members.

Shona Kilgour of the Group said:  “During this period of financial instability, it is more important than ever that we are able to offer local parents cost-effective childcare, whilst still paying our staff in accordance with the minimum wage requirements and fairly in line with their responsibilities.

“We’re planning to grow by advertising and working with the school and parent council to spread the word and encourage more parents to use our services and improve our finances.  The grant from ADT’s Community Projects Fund will be a big help in covering our costs over the short term until our numbers grow, and to avoid making any additional fee increases and potentially threatening attendance numbers.”

The Community Projects Fund distributes the community benefit funds provided for Alyth by the operators of the Tullymurdoch Windfarm, some five miles north of the town.  Applications to the fund are judged by an independent panel of volunteers drawn from across the community.  Apply at https://lovealyth.org.uk/projects/alyth-community-projects-fund/.

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