Scottish Parliament investigating bank closures – have your say

The closure of more than a third of Scotland?s banks since 2010 is set to come under the microscope, as the Scottish Parliament?s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committeecalls on local businesses and consumers to ?speak out? on the impact on local communities and economic growth.

Convener of the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee, Gordon Lindhurst MSP said:

?For Scotland to lose more than a third of its banks in just 7 years seems a staggering statistic. This inquiry will work to respond to significant public concern that the impact of closures is felt most in places where no viable alternative exists.

?We are calling on small businesses and consumers to speak out on vital questions, such as: Will closures of local banks have an impact on your business? What is the impact of local ATMs closing or imposing charges for transactions? And how do bank closures impact on your local high street?

?The committee wants to know what can be done to help remedy a seemingly relentless decline in Scotland?s banks. Crucially, what are the alternatives that can help support local businesses and communities, and enable them to thrive for the benefit of all??

A copy of the Committee?s survey can be found here. It will run until Friday 23 March 2018. The call for written views can be found below; these should be sent to the Committee by Friday 13 April 2018.

Read the full press release here:?

1 thought on “Scottish Parliament investigating bank closures – have your say”

  1. The Royal Bank of Scotland shut down in Alyth leaving their loyal customers with only a mobile bank van calling twice a week for sessions of approx 1 – 2 hrs .
    The van offers no privacy and no access for anyone with a disability . We have to stand on the pavement in all weathers waiting to be seen .
    This should never have happened the Royal Bank left a large void in Alyth.


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