What shall we do with Jubilee Park?

Over the past few months, we?ve been asking for community views on what might be done to improve the Diamond Jubilee Park.? We?ve had three main suggestions:

  • An all-weather footpath round the edge of the Park suitable for prams, wheelchairs and bikes
  • A proper skateboard/BMX track
  • An upgraded play area 

To turn these ideas into reality, we need your help in developing detailed plans and raising the money.? We have some funds that we can contribute but having broad community support and involvement is vital in persuading Perth & Kinross Council to devote their time and resources to the project, and also to stand a better chance of raising money from other sources.? So we really do need as many people to get involved as possible.? If you?d like to help us improve Jubilee Park, we?d love to hear from you.?

Details of how to get in touch are here:? https://lovealyth.org.uk/contact-us/ or you can message us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlythDevelopmentTrust

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