Alyth Community Projects Fund

Here to help you help our community!
Our Alyth Community Projects Fund (ACPF) was established under our agreement with Temporis Ltd, who operate the new windfarm just northeast of Alyth, to distribute the community benefit funds they are donating to the community of Alyth.  We allocate 35% of the money each year to individuals and organisations in our community through the ACPF. 

We offer grants of up to £2,000 to support Big Ideas that could help develop, support and sustain activities that:

  • Improve the quality of life for all in the community?
  • Support local business and enterprise in projects that generate community benefit in the town?
  • Make Alyth more environmentally friendly and sustainable?

We have a Community Panel charged with distributing the community projects funds in accordance with the ADT aims and objectives.  The Panel considers:

  • How your project helps deliver the ADT outcomes;
  • The target audience for the project;
  • The need for the project;
  • The difference you propose to make; 
  • The capacity of your organisation to deliver the project, and 
  • Value for money.

The CPF is open to applications thorough the year. Applications will be reviewed at fixed points through the year: April, July, October and January. For applications to be considered in these months they should be submitted by 15th of the month. Applications will be judged by the CPF Panel and ratified by the Board of ADT Board at its meetings in May, August, November and January. Funds will normally be available shortly after the Board meeting subject to return of completed grant offer letters. Urgent applications may be considered outwith these timescales at the discretion of ADT Board.

Apply for the next round here:

or download a paper copy of the form and send/deliver it to us via the contact details here.

You can read more about projects we have funded in previous Rounds: