Community Projects Fund – grants awarded August 2019

Alyth Bowling & Tennis Club

Female members and guests of Alyth Bowling & Tennis Club were the first to benefit from our new Community Projects Fund. ADT awarded £2,000 from the Fund to be invested in a £3,500 upgrade of the ladies toilets at the Club’s Albert Street premises. The project brought the toilets up to date and made them safer and more environmentally-friendly for females of all ages and also help those with minor disabilities. The works, due to be completed by the end of October 2019, involved a complete refurbishment of the toilets, with new fixtures and fittings, energy-efficient lighting, and anti-slip flooring installed.

Alyth Youth Partnership SCIO

Alyth’s young people are enjoying a new ‘place they can call their own’ with help from our Community Projects Fund. Our grant of £2,000 supported the Alyth Youth Partnership taking over the Town Hall basement, three times the size of their previous home in the Hub on Airlie Street. The grant funded soft flooring, seating and some art and activity equipment including a new pool table, improving the lives of local young people and giving them a safe, comfortable place to meet and hang out.

Alyth & District 50+ Social Club

We donated £2,000 from our Community Projects Fund to subsidise outings, meals and expenses for visiting speakers and entertainers. The Club helps combat loneliness and isolation among people over 50 who find themselves living alone and/or away from family, giving them a sense of inclusiveness and community at a time when they might be facing hardship or isolation due to having given up work or lost a partner.

Alyth Out-of-School Care Group

Children from Alyth, Airlie and Meigle primary schools will be doing even more exploring of the natural environment and developing their knowledge and confidence in the outdoors, thanks to a grant from our Community Projects Fund. We donated £2,000 to help the Alyth Out-of-School Care Group buy loose-parts play materials, den-building kits, nature investigation equipment and role-play materials.

Alyth Bike Club

We’re delighted to have given the Alyth Bike Club £2,000 from our Community Projects Fund to help train four new volunteer leaders this year, all from the local area. Proper training to national standards will help secure the future of the Club, and the new leaders will also mean the Club can take on 10-15 new members to join the 60 or so youngsters and 23 trained leaders they already have.

Special Branch Baskets

Our Community Projects Fund donated £2,000 towards the production of a documentary film featuring local basket-weaver Jane Wilkinson demonstrating the age-old craft of coracle-building with willow and hazel. The film showcases a traditional craft as well the local waterways and landscape, telling the story of coracles from ancient times to present day.