Community Projects Fund – grants awarded March 2021

Classic Restorations

Alyth’s old horse-drawn fire engine has gained a new home thanks to a grant from ADT’s Community Projects Fund. Classic Restorations Ltd on Pittnacree Street have been the custodians of the original horse-drawn Burgh of Alyth Community Fire Engine for many many years, but it was stored out of the way where nobody could view it. The £800 grant has enabled Classic Restorations to instal a special “carcoon” – a see-through protective air chamber – in an area of their workshops where it can be easily viewed by residents upon request. The air chamber will prevent further deterioration of the fire engine until a full restoration plan and costings can be put together. A small electric fan running at the rear of the chamber keeps filtered air moving around the object being stored in it. The fire engine dates from 1854 and served the town for a century before being forgotten in a corner of the old textile mill that eventually became Classic Restorations.

Game Square

Alyth has a new club for teenagers and adults interested in gaming, thanks to a grant from our Community Projects Fund. Game Square, which launched with a covid-compliant outdoor scavenger hunt in mid-May 2021, will create spaces for adults and young people (aged 13+) to meet and connect in four main types of gaming: video-games, tabletop role-playing games, board games and card games. The £2,000 grant from ADT will pay for games consoles and equipment, venue-hire and administrative costs for the first year. The group aims to get fully up and running once Scotland emerges from lockdown, and plans to run regular club events in a safe and fun environment catering to the varied needs and preferences of its members.