Get ready for Alyth Online

Where would you go to find out everything you might want to know about Alyth?  We?re a very lucky town in having so many vibrant community groups and organisations helping to make this a great place to live and work, and a welcoming place to visit.  

Many of them are very good at promoting themselves online and via posters and information on display around the town, and of course through the pages of the Alyth Voice.

But what if we had one central place that pointed to all this great stuff – somewhere every group or organisation with something to offer residents and visitors alike could use to promote themselves and the town we all call home?

That?s what Alyth Development Trust plans to create through a unique community resource called Alyth Online.

We?ve already registered the web address, and this month we?re launching an exciting project involving young people in the town building a community website where you can find information and links to everything that?s great about Alyth.

The idea is simple: our team of young enthusiasts will design and build a website that we will then make available to any group or organisation that has something to promote in or about Alyth.

When the website is ready to launch later in the Spring, you?ll be able to add an entry for your group to it.  What you put in your entry will be up to you – it could be just a couple of lines with a link to your own website, Facebook or Instagram page, or it could be regular items of news and information about what you?re up to.

At first, we?ll be focussing on community groups, clubs and voluntary organisations.  It will be free to take part – ADT is funding Alyth Online as one of its key strategic projects this year.  Later on, we plan to develop ways in which local businesses and commercial ventures could also join in for a small fee.

We?ll be promoting the site across all the major search engines to make sure that anyone who wants to know anything about Alyth can get the information easily and quickly from one source.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates on progress, and if you?d like to register your group or business for inclusion on Alyth Online, please email us at