Alyth Allotments

  • Project: develop new allotments spaces in Alyth
  • Funding: Some raised already from a variety of sources; more to be raised if possible 
  • Current status: Public consultation on potential sites currently under way
  • Next steps: Confirm preferred site
  • Get involved: Join the volunteer working group to decide on best site and best practice for managing the new allotments
  • Contact:

ADT is supporting a local working group in an allotments for all project for our town.  Attracting support from funders who are only interested in allotments, the group is now developing detailed plans and recruiting town residents who would like to be involved in this exciting work – either to reserve a plot or be a volunteer — or both.  The group held a public consultation on 19 June 2023 to seek the community’s views, at which four possible sites were unveiled (see map above).  You can see detailed layouts of each of the sites by clicking on the buttons below.

Alyth is at the heart of a rich farming district, but has historically been relatively poorly provided with allotment space in the town for people to grow their own vegetables and other plants. Have a look at this map to see the current availability of allotments in Alyth.

The working group plans an environmentally sensitive approach to growing, and the allotments will have a very minimal and positive effect on the land.  If you would like to learn more, please contact the group via the button below:

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